About Me

Hi there! I’m Kate Wood, the self-taught baker, writer, and photographer behind Wood and Spoon. I live in LA (that’s Lower Alabama, y’all!) where my husband and I are raising our three babies. I know they say Moms are biased, but my kids are the actual best. 

 A dietitian by trade, I now liberally practice my “everything in moderation” motto by baking and experimenting with new recipes and flavors. Most of my inspiration comes from cookbooks, fancy restaurants that I drag my husband into, and a nagging itch to create things with my own two hands. I believe in thank you notes, laughing at yourself, and the magic that happens when friends share good food and recipes.

I like to make food pretty and approachable, so I hope you find a lot of that here. Other things you’ll also probably read about on this blog include my education and introduction to Southern culture, my love for crafting, gatherings, and traveling, and the joys and mishaps that so characterize my life as a new wife and mama.

Shoot me a note here if you’d like to work together. I like pairing up with brands and makers that feel at home in my kitchen, so if you think that’s you, let’s chat!

For more cakes and cute baby photos, follow me on Instagram here.

Photos by Dreamtown Co. and Sam Jones